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Comfort on Camera
Karyn Fine teaches professional entrepreneurs ‘Comfort on Camera’.  She works with the real estate industry, wealth management world, CEO’s, restaurant owners, event planners and more - anyone wanting a video presence for their business.  Karyn teaches you how to make the camera your friend, and the techniques necessary to deliver your message professionally.
Karyn is good at taking your ideas and making them real. She individually designs her sessions to suit your needs. Her process will not only help you with your online video life, it will also increase your confidence in public speaking, live presentations, and when being interviewed.

One on One Coaching Workshop
This is an intensive four or eight hour workshop.  Set in a studio with lights, camera, and playback abilities, you will be able to watch your progress on camera. You will be taught proper voice, breathing, and body language techniques, as well as script revision and delivery for your online videos.  Karyn also offers interviewing techniques that will help you be mindful and aware of the content you must deliver.
Group Workshops
Learning as a team has always proven effective and beneficial. With a group of colleagues or friends, you will be coached individually as well as enjoy the interaction with each other. Karyn offers a studio setting with lights, camera, and playback abilities, offering feedback and suggestions along the way.

On Location Coaching
Karyn will come to your location for this coaching session. For a minimum of two hours, Karyn will use your own recording device to work with you - be it a phone camera, personal computer, or video camera. She brings the same awareness coaching, technique learning, and results-driven teaching methods to you.
"We want to talk to you"
Karyn offers an informative and unique informational talk about Comfort on Camera and Video Production.  Covering aspects of these methods and techniques, this is an excellent way to get a taste of Karyn's work in a group setting ideal for your office environment.  Contact Karyn for lunch and learn bookings or after work presentations.

“The Human Touch”

Video is changing the way we do business. People want to add warmth and approachability to their business websites and social media outlets which Karyn likes to call ‘the human touch’. 



Shot on location or in studio, Karyn offers professional video production. She will produce, direct, edit, and deliver the finished product - including colour correction, graphics, and background music. Karyn's team of experts work alongside her to create the end result you desire. 

Video Production
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